Registration for the ChampBot Challenge is closed.

ChampBotThe ChampBot Challenge is an opportunity to show off technical and creative skills at the same time. Completing the obstacles requires precision and practical know-how while designing bot brings out aesthetic skills.champbot-sign-1


Build or modify an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) using ‘Champ’ as the theme. The visible portion of your ChampBot, i.e. the part above the water, must bear some resemblance to the creature we’ve all come to know as Champ. Since very few people have seen Champ however, this is fairly open to interpretation. Champ may be scary, humorous, stylish or all of the above. All ChampBots must be between 3’ and 6’ in length, move under their own power, and cannot present any unsafe conditions for the course monitors should they be required to handle it.

Bots will be placed into the lake by the participants from a dock or platform out in the water within 20’ of the starting line (Note: More details on the platform logistics will be provided as we have them). The course itself will be approximately 100’ long. Be sure your bot has enough battery life to be able to make the entire route.

Obstacle Course
You can decide to do any or all of the obstacles. The winner will be the bot with the highest total score.

Each team/individual will be allowed two attempts to run the course. If a bot has technical difficulties during their first run you will have 20 minutes to resolve the issue and queue for your second run. Second runs will take place only after every bot has made their first attempt.

The navigation course will consist of 5 small buoys (see image below) around which the bot must navigate. The bot must go around the right side of the first buoy, to the left of the second one, etc., until it has reached the end of the buoys.Champbot Obstacle Course V4

Ignition (Optional)
A flammable target will be suspended from a frame. The goal of this obstacle is to ignite the target.

Accuracy (Optional)
A floating target will be tethered to the lakebed. The goal of this obstacle will be to place an object into the floating target. The target will be approximately 24” wide/long. The object (~4.75” long x 3″ wide) will be supplied when you sign up for the challenge.

Submersion (Optional)Float

Once your bot has completed the navigation portion of the course it will move to a designated area to submerge. The bot must stay submerged for a minimum of 10 seconds and successfully remerge. You must announce when your bot is going to submerge.

Dazzle us with Spectacle (Optional)
This is your chance to show off something only your bot can do. Use sound effects, lighting, pyrotechnics or visual wizardry to put on a show for the crowd.

The bot with the highest total score will win first place. The bot with the second highest score will be awarded second place, etc.

First place: $2,500
Second place: $1,500
Third place: $500
Honorable mention*: $200

*The number of Honorable Mention categories are still being determined.

Timing (max of 200 points)
Fastest overall time 200 points, Second 175, Third 150 and so on. 25 seconds will be added to your overall time each time you fail to successfully navigate around a buoy.

Igniting a target (max of 50 points)
Judges must be able to see flames from their vantage point.
Factors include: control, spectacle, and ingenuity of system.

Submerging (max of 50 points)
Bot must remain submerged for 10 seconds and then re-emerge.

Placing an object in a target (max of 50 points)
The bot will place an object (supplied by CMF) into a floating target.

Spectacle (max of 50 points)
At some point during your run you must use sound effects, lighting, pyrotechnics or visual wizardry to put on a show for the crowd. Wow factor, and/or visual interest.

Design Technical (max of 50 points)
Creativity, simplicity, and/or ingenuity in solving technical challenges.

Design Aesthetics (max 50 points)
Visual treatment of the bot itself. Intricacy and/or elegance in your bot’s appearance. Overall quality of build and construction.