Thank you to all of our 2016 Makers!



Wind Wing
Booth #1

The Wind Wing Turbine is a horizontal wind turbine that could be installed along any roofline. The inspiration for this idea came from the sculptures of Theo Jansen. Jansen creates large moving sculptures that walk along the beaches of Holland using the power of the wind. On the backs of these creatures are “fins” or “wings” which use pistons that compress air into bottles, which the creatures use to move. I wanted to create a product that would maximize efficiency but also be within the price range of the average consumer. My solution utilizes one of the most common elevated platforms in the world: rooflines. It transforms the linear motion of an undulating cloth finn into circular motion with the use of a crankshaft. It would be mounted on the rooflines of houses or commercial buildings, supplying clean energy directly to the structure. Unlike modern wind turbines, it would not need to be placed hundreds of feet in the air and it would be able to collect the turbulent air the renders rotary turbines useless. This system has no need for tall and expensive towers and thus would have much lower installation and repair costs. It would not utilize the complicated and high-tech methods of propulsion such as lift and drag, that modern wind turbines use, and would present a simple solution to the debate around how wind turbines disrupt vistas.

Peter Katz Light Screens
Booth #2

Peter Katz utilizes CNC technology to take his hand drawn originals and turn them into functional light diffusing room divider, window screens, wall lamps and floor lamps. Vibrant colors mixed with sunlight or LED technology illuminate any room with a warm glow and shadows.

Alixandra Barron Designs
Booth #3

An artist using up-cycled bike inner tubes to make a rubber jewelry line.

Earth Rover
Booth #4

Earth Rover is a small electric vehicle that is a street legal bicycle so no license, registration, or insurance is required. It will have an all weather cabin, wiper, heater, defroster and lights. The cabin affords real crash protection. It will be charged on any common outlet, and/or by its roof mounted solar panels. The Earth Rover is just half of the equation: it is designed to be the tow vehicle of many types of trailers up to 1,000 pounds of payload. The custom trailers can haul compost, be a mini food truck or ice cream truck, urban delivery van, solar powered camping RV, or…???

Booth #5

SunCommon will be at the Champlain Mini Maker Faire to answer all of your questions about how solar works in Vermont, what makes a good solar site, and how federal incentives and SunCommon’s innovative financing programs have finally brought solar within reach of everyone. SunCommon’s mission is to tear down the barriers to renewable energy. We do that by making it easy and affordable for all Vermonters to go solar. Everyone is welcome!

Booth #6

Esc4pe is a live action puzzle game. There are many projects in various stages of development. From rasberi pi powered game timers, and arduino powered secret locked compartments to theatrical set props and unique sculptures that function and interact with game participants.

Booth #7

Our booth offeres milk cartons full of plastic bagged dirt-cheap “Technorubble,” including beat-up laptops, cables and other used electronics that inventors might use for parts. The goal is to get everyone to donate their own TechnoRubble for reuse and distribution.

Specialty Multicopters
Booth #8

Custom multicopters, from Ultralight MicroUAV quads to heavy lift X8 coaxial octocopters. For aerial media, mapping, SAR and other applications.

LEGO Marble Maze
Booth #9

Using a base plate, Lego bricks, along with your own engineering skills, design, build and test a Lego marble maze.

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Booth #10

Come fly our Sebotics LBV 150 ROV from the shore.

Creating Confidence with Circuits and Code
Booth #11

Come visit EMMA (a mobile studio for creating and making) with a mission of MAKE ANYWHERE. She brings area students and teachers and their interactive display that uses circuits and code to create a physical environment that creates music and sounds as you explore it. The display features a simple circuit board called the Makey Makey which can turn even our youngest learners into inventors and coders.

Generator – Makers on the Move!
Booth #12

Burlington’s Generator makerspace is on the move and we’re celebrating maker-made things that GO:
– Moving Masterpieces: All-ages fun featuring a Lego Zipline activity and Cardboard Automata project. Explore simple machines while creating moving masterpieces out of everyday materials!
– Motion Capture Magic: an interactive demonstration celebrating our own moving parts!
– Meet Our Makers: cool Generator Member projects including a custom bicycle, RC robots, ChampBot and more!

Mill Brook Railroad
Booth #1
The Mill Brook Railroad is a portable passenger hauling electric miniature railroad for children and adults. Our permanently installed freight hauling railroad in Windsor, VT is used for collecting maple sap, maintaining the sugarbush, and hauling compost, among other miscellaneous jobs. The portable railroad and the permanent railroad combined demonstrate some of the many uses of small gauge railroads. / Northern New England Drone User Group
Booth #14 See and learn about the latest in drone technology for photography, cinematography, search/rescue, mapping/surveying, engineering, and inspection. Watch amazing aerial photography videos and touch and play with our drone controllers. Learn about capabilities, usages, technology/specifications, precautions/responsible usage, privacy, FAA guidelines, etc. Talk with drone makers (home builders) and FPV Racers! Pick up a free suggested parts lists for building your own FPV racer and find out more about how you can participate in FPV racing in Vermont. Pilot a drone!

Champlain Region Model Rocket Club
Booth #15

Come fly model rockets with the Champlain Region Model Rocket Club (CRMRC). The CRMRC is Vermont’s only model rocket club. There will be a static exhibit of rockets from 3 inches tall to over 10 feet tall, along with periodic flights of a pyramid on a loud rocket motor. There will also be Flying Saucer kits to purchase and fly at the Maker Faire.

Nightmare Vermont and Spookyville
Booth #16

Spookyville is our new event to introduce kids and families to the magic of Halloween. At the Faire, we’ll demonstrate our LED lighting, FX makeup, and our new blindfolded Nightmare maze experience. This is the public debut of this unique and disorienting feature of our show. We’ll be using attendees as our guinea pigs to test the most effective scares. Sign the waiver and participate! If you dare!

Biological Algae Control
Booth #17

EcoSolutions designs and builds innovative and advanced low impact design water treatment systems for storm and waste water applications. This includes residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. The product we are interested in socializing is our Biological Algae Control System (BACS). This system is used to mitigate toxic algae blooms by capturing nitrogen and phosphorous suspended in water. This has gained significant interest with the passing of the Vermont clean water act. This system differentiates from others in that we have the ability to capture and harvest phosphorous.

Hands-On Kaboodle
Booth #18

Homespun and Hands-On offers a wide variety of hands-on projects, hands-on games, supplemental materials, and miscellaneous goods. The Hands-On Educational System makes it easy to guide children as they explore, discover, and learn about any given concept in the general subject areas including art, science, literature, history, geography, sociology, life skills, and product development.

Essex Robotics Club
Booth #19

Come learn about what it takes to form a robotics team and how you can get involved with exciting new technologies. Essex Robotics is a member of the FIRST network of robotics teams. There are more than 60 FIRST teams in Vermont. It is even an activity recognized by the Vermont Principals Association.

Green Team 885
Booth #20

Green Team 885 is a robotics team based in VTC space in Randolph, VT, and drawing middle and high school students and adult mentors from many towns in central VT. We organize our year around participating in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition, which has a 6-week build season starting in early January, and then a regional competition season in March and April. In the ‘off-season’ we continue to build skills (and robots!) and have fun.

The Claremont MakerSpace
Booth #21

Check out an array of projects coming from members of the Claremont MakerSpace in Claremont, New Hampshire that blur the lines between science, art, engineering and pure experimentation!

Christin Burnn
Booth #22

Booth #23

Experience virtual and augmented reality with VRmont, as they take you on a journey bounded only by your imagination. Experience cutting edge immersion with the newest technology and equipment.

CVU RoboHawks FTC #5741 robotics team
Booth #24

The RoboHawks will discuss the current FTC challenge and problem solving, as well as demonstrate robotics building, programming, and design. Several interactive robots will be available for participants to play with. Champlain Valley Union High School robotics team that participates in the annual FTC robotics competition.

Magic Maker
Booth #25

At this booth young wizards and witches learn the fine art of wand making and spell casting. Tools and materials are provided free of charge to create wands. Once a wizard or witch has prepared a wand, they may learn to perform spells in a safe, virtual environment. Turn virtual lights on and off with the Lucerna spell. Make a four-legged creature dance with Tripidium. Having trained on the magic simulator, our wizards and witches are ready to try their hand at real magic! Wizards and witches may levitate a feather, make a real robot dance, or squirt their friends with the incantation Liquidium.

FTC Robotics
Booth #26

Robo-raptors is an FTC team that is competing for their second year. The team is made up of members ranging from 13 to 17 years old.

PinBox 3000 by Cardboard Teck Instantute
Booth #27

The PinBox 3000 is a cardboard tabletop pinball machine kit and game system. Each game can be fully customized with craft materials, electronics, junk drawer gak, or recycled materials. Anything is possible when you can build your own game system. The playboards for the PinBox 3000 are interchangeable and two games can be linked back-to-back for two player Battlemode! Check out our Kickstarter campaign happening right now, and Tilt the Future!

Booth #28

Xemo is a robot simulation video game for kids in middle school and up. Take control of a humanoid biped robot. Adjust the robot’s joint motors to create a variety of motions including jumping, crawling, backflips, walking and more. Come play Xemo as we launch our Kickstarter at the faire and prepare to launch on Steam in November. Made in Vermont by local engineers and computer scientists, Xemo is the future of sim games! Funded by the National Science Foundation.

VTC Project Demos
Booth #29

Come see what students at Vermont Technical College have been working on.

Smart Dollhouse
Booth #30

This project shows the application of Open Source software to a commercial product that makes smart buildings more affordable and accessible. The product is based on a BeagleBone module, and provides a wide range of sensing, monitoring, datalogging, and control functions. The demo is a ‘smart dollhouse’ with a functioning heating system including circulators, valves, heat source, heat storage, radiant floor, and heated hot tub. The house also has functioning solar hot water, PV panels and powered blinds. Various control strategies are demonstrated, and the demo is completely interactive.

Jitterbugs and Scribblebots
Booth #31-32

Jitterbugs are tiny, non-programable vibrating robots made with simple materials — and lots and lots of very, very complicated decorations! Everyone loves Jitterbugs!

The Funky Wrap
Booth #33

How to create WaistWraps, VersaWraps, and Headbands with the right amount of stretch to create one size fits most creations. Why multiple machines are utilized to create the end product.

Visual Word Dioramas
Booth #34-36

Display of dioramas depicting contemporary themes such as artificial intelligence, animal extinction, social outrage, etc.

Green Mountain Gears: Bee Wild
Booth #37

FIRST Lego League (FLL) Team #3958 presents their solution for the Animal Allies Challenge. The Bee Wild Bee Box is used to catch wild bees. The team conducted a preliminary analysis and learned that most people are afraid of bees. The team verified that users feel more comfortable and interested in bees after using the box. The team designed their box using PTC Creo CAD software, which made several innovations possible. The team plans to 3D print the box and make it available to other teams and classrooms to help people overcome their fears of bees. Come visit us and get a special business card that will allow you to download the Augmented Reality App we developed to promote our team and our project.

Upstream Ag
Booth #38

Upstream Ag builds solutions for small acreage vegetable production. Upstream Ag is a design & manufacturing company committed to the promotion and advancement of community based, human scale, sustainable agriculture through the development and distribution of new tools and technologies.

Booth #39

Skateboarding is all about speed, finite foot movements and applied force! VEIL is connected to a skateboard to show you how your feet are positioned the board when performing a trick.

Art With Messages
Booth #40

The art of Carolyn Utigard Thomas is an adventure of the spirit and landscape of the mind. Her watercolors have a spiritual quality that draws you to look closer. The paintings extend onto the mats giving a sense of freedom and expansion. Sometimes the messages that come to her inspired the image and other times the piece created inspired the words. These notes are included on the back of each piece. Peace, joy and healing energy are gifts in her work.

Booth #41

LakeCraft is a re-creation of the Lake Champlain Watershed Basin inside of Minecraft. LakeCraft was a project completed for the ECHO Aquarium and Science Center to use in their summer “Minecraft Day Camps.” The Lake Champlain Basin was modeled using real-world spatial data, and assembled with a variety of tools. We will introduce kids and parents to the project to get them interested in merging different forms of education with Minecraft.

ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
Booth #42

From robots to zipcarts, come check out STEM education with ECHO. Test your engineering skills with our design challenges, meet our STEM education coordinator, and learn how ECHO is partnering with the community to bring STEM into the future.

The Ray Cat Solution
Booth #44

What would life be like for our future generations? What civilizations will rise and fall? Which cultures and languages will last? How can we communicate with these people? How do we protect future populations from radioactive nuclear waste deposits 10,000 years in the future? This is The Ray Cat Solution 1. Engineer cats that change colour in response to radiation. 2. Create the culture/legend/history that if your cat changes colour, you should move some place else.

Booth #45

“Sitting is the new smoking”. We sit an average of 11 hours each day, but humans are not designed for sitting. The result has been an epidemic of back pain and other more serious medical problems. Unfortunately, our world is built around chairs, so we can’t escape sitting. But, what if we could change the way we sit? What if instead of slumping inertly in chairs sitting could become an active exploration of our relationship to gravity? And what if this could be accomplished by simply swapping our last century chairs for attractive, affordable, active chairs? As a physician I’m committed to bringing active sitting to as many people as possible; our health depends upon it.

Cleanspeed 2
Booth #46

The UVM Alternative Energy Racing Organization is a student run engineering club that designs and fabricates all-electric and hybrid formula cars. We compete annually in the Formula Hybrid International competition that is hosted by Dartmouth College and held at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. For the 2016 competition we built an all-electric race car in a very short amount of time. Not only did we take second place in the all-electric vehicle category, we were also awarded with the IEEE Excellence in Electric Vehicle Engineering Award, and broke two competition records: the egress test record with a time of 1.82 seconds, and the endurance record, becoming the first team to fully complete the 44 kilometer endurance event.

Booth #47

The UVM FABlab is a student lead group that use modern technology such as 3D printers to develop and manufacture parts for research, education, and entertainment. The Fablab movement began as an outreach program from the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. The mission of the Fablab is to provide access to the tools, knowledge and financial means to educate, innovate and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make (almost) anything, and thereby creating opportunities to improve lives and livelihoods around the world.

Booth #48

This booth will have an activity that illustrates the photolithography process using SunArt. The participant will create a “mask” out of objects organized on photo-sensitive paper (“the wafer”). The “wafer” is then exposed under a lamp (or sunlight, weather pending) and developed in water. The “mask” pattern will be transferred to the paper just as a circuit pattern is transferred to a wafer. Photolithography is a key process in semiconductor manufacturing. It is used to transfer an integrated circuit chip pattern onto a wafer. An integrated circuit can have multiple layers so the photolithography process is used multiple times – once for each pattern transfer. Booth operated by Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and GLOBALWOMEN. It is sponsored by GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

The Player Piano Roll Scanner
Booth #49

This project was undertaken to develop an optical system that scans historical player piano rolls and converted to a modern MIDI music file. This is accomplished by driving the roll past a camera, gathering an image of the roll and sending that image to a host computer for processing and conversion to MIDI.

Studio in the Woods
Booth #50

Tucked into the Cold Hollow Mountains of Vermont is a small homestead with a studio in the woods. The sights and sounds of woodland life have inspired the music and illustrations in the Studio in the Woods Piano Series, developed by a mother-daughter partnership. Composer and educator Carol Caldwell-Edmonds partnered with designer and illustrator, Shannon Edmonds to create teaching materials that are themselves works of art.

MISmakers Creativity In Its Raw Form
Booth #51

MISmakers is for anyone. The varied human interactions by people with different interests and backgrounds support the creative business growth model and allow for a group or an individual to get a product, service or idea to market. Mosedale Integrated Solutions reaches a larger demographic regionally to consider feasibility, roll out and planning of a makerspace in Littleton, New Hampshire, by using the existing outreach and planning makerspace momentum in the Barnet, Vermont area. This approach (Rural Renaissance, in Barnet, VT and Artistic, in Urban: Littleton NH) will benefit each other, by reaching a larger membership base, and connected network.

The Foundry
Booth #52

The Foundry is a community maker space located in Lyndon, Vermont and dedicated to nurturing innovators, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs in the North East Kingdom. This year, in addition to our popular entries into the Battling Bot and Laser Arachnids, The Foundry in sponsoring a DIY whistle booth for kids of all ages, interactive light shows in the dark area and more…

Rain or shine! Many maker exhibits are outdoors. Please dress appropriately.
Pets are not allowed at this event. Thanks!